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                  Yongjie machinery is one of the prestigious manufacturer in the field of making twin screw extruder. We possess our own special style on aspect of multifunction and multipurpose in twin screw extruder area.

                  Taking advantage of oneself technical force we can formulate the typical technical proposal for the customer; to helping fulfill design, equipment process, engineering installation, and testing from raw material storage bin to finished product packing of the whole production line. Consequently economizing cost, increase productiveness, optimizing function of the equipment for our customer.


                  After making raw material matching and blending, one step forming and extrusion by specific mould.

                  Realizing high potency, energy conservation, environmental protection.

                  Apply range:

                  Xps foaming plate, (plastic wood plate) profile.

                    • Parallel screw feeding
                    • Double conical screw feeding
                    • Aluminum composite board
                    • Aluminum composite line
                    • Composite board
                    • Scrap mateial recycling
                    • Loss- in- weight feeding system
                    • extruding pipe2
                    • extruding pipe1
                    • extruding pipe
                    • food machine
                    • Sheet production line
                    • SJSL 62D high speed food special machine

                  High-speed twin screw for foodstuff special line Features:

                  High rotating speed, high torque, high corrosion, resistance, with the ability of self-cleaning it can also realize foodstuffs bulking, homogenizing and blending.

                  Scope:All kinds of puffed food , vegetable protein and tissue proteins.

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