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                  The function and characteristic of Twin-screw extruder:

                  For plasticizing, pigmentation, filling and modification, reinforced, recycle granulating etc.

                  1. The main machine adopted “toy bricks” principle designing, the screw configuration, barrel structure precise designed by computer with good self cleaning and interchangeableness.

                  2. New style torque distribution part adopted parallel tri-axial structure with nice safety, high precise gear surface; key bearing adopted imported product, the lubrication system is interlocked, safe and reliable long working life.

                  3. The screw element and core axle is connected by involute spline structure which bearing large workload, and assembling easily according to your wishes, also to suit different requirement for high polymer, new material and new craft..

                  4. Multiple dosing feeding systems to feed material according to different feeding forms such as single screw feeding, twin-screw feeding, hollow spring screw feeding, reinforced feeding, side feeding etc.

                  5. Excellent vacuum degassing system can exhaust the moisture out from the material availably. By means of venting the vacuum apparatus discharge the non-condensing gas and moisture to raise the product quality.

                  6. According to different production craft request to choice different cooling system (water cooling, air cooling, oil cooling).

                  7. Varied cutting system: water strand pelletizer; air-cooling strand pelletizer, water-ring modular face pelletizer, eccentric fog-jetting pelletizer, under water pelletizer etc. we will recommend you to adopt which based on your request.


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