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                  Pre-sale service:
                  * Detailed introduction and presentation of the product features and application scope
                   * Provide economical and practical equipment configuration for you.
                   * Offer the running status of equipment of relevant users you are interested in
                   * Give test means.
                  In-Sale service:
                            * Planning and design the layout of the pipeline for existing equipment in the plant, and advising the utility conditions of co-work.
                   * Updating you the production process of equipment periodically.
                   * Discussing with you the technical conditions required for your material, and screw combination, barrel arrangement and so on.
                  In-Sale service:
                           * Provide on-site installation guidance, adjustment, and personnel training.
                   * Create a detailed user profile.
                   * Have enough stock of spare parts to release your concerns about the maintenance of existing machines because of the usage of new machine.
                   * Offer extruder adjustment services on time for your new products.
                   * Customer satisfaction and equipment usage investigation
                   * One year warranty
                  Other services: equipment upgrades, equipment testing, product quality analysis, and recommendation of auxiliary machinery used for improve equipment usage.

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